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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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m sheree paolello. picture tonight, they say show the 3 suspects in today' s airport bombing. responsibility for today' s attacks, saying its fighters opened fire before detonating their bombs. [indiscernible] mike: a series of attacks targeting the morning commute in the heart of belgium. thousands of passengers and workers were at the airport when two bombs exploded. >> what was shocking to me was that fact that the air inside the terminal was immediately full of smoke and debris and dust and everything else you can think of. mike: dozens killed. and more than 200 hurt. at the airport and a metro station thousands of others scrambled to safety. >> everyone was in panic. we had to run, just because the situation was such it was very, everyone was scared, so everyone ran. mike: tonight belgium federal police are releasing this photo. the faces of the men they say are behind today' s airport
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two of the men are believed dead tonight. but the location of the third is not known. a belgian prosecutor says police raids are happening around the country to find the third suspect in the airport bombings who might have escaped. sheree: prosecutors say a search of a home in a brussels neighborhood uncovered an explosive device containing among other things nails. investigators also say they found chemical products and an isis flag. mike: about the same time the airport in brussels was rocked by explosions a phone rang at the home of a family in northern kentucky. sheree: it was the kind of middle of the night call that can change lives forever. fortunately, this connection ended with good news. wlwt news 5' s todd dykes is live in covington with more. todd? reporter: talk about a potentially tragic coincidence, a woman who graduated from notre dame academy 6 years ago walked into the baggage claim area at that airport in brussels just as terrorists launched a deadly
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>> some people thought the loud noise was a car crash outside. some people thought it was some such -- some kind of machine that exploded. reporter: >> we heard the loud speaker for evacuation. we knew that something terrible had happened. reporter: allison is pursuing a masters in international migration at the university in brussels. she just returned from a school trip in switzerland. her first thought was to call home. >> i really scared my dad because he could hear the ambulance in the back and me saying dad. >> she forgot that is five hours ahead. reporter: as a dead he just wanted to make sure the oldest child was safe.
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that when something was wrong, she would call us and tell us that i am fine, number one. as soon as she said that, our worries were washed away. reporter: it is clear her parents are proud of her work in -- overseas. she will in turn with the red borders more peacefully. her boyfriend' s family outside a village in antwerp. she is not the only international traveler with her family. her brother is in brazil traveling in the amazon. it is possible he does not even know the ordeal that his sister has been through. mike: the attack in brussels having close to home for the university cincinnati. the school' s international study abroad program has a group of students near brussels as part of a spring break trip. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live at u.c. where she' s been
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jenell. janel: there are 19 students and two uc professors on that trip. they' re in belgium right now. they were supposed to travel to brussels today. these students from the uc lindner college of business was supposed to tour procter and gamble' s brussels business center today. the attacks not only forced the group to make other plans, but find a new hotel for the rest of the week. >> we have 19 students and two faculty students in antwerp which is about 34 miles from brussels. they are safe. reporter: vehr says the students are part of a marketing group touring businesses in paris and brussels while on spring break. >> this is all part of the uc international study abroad program and our students have the opportunity to go to various places around the world and every now and then they get involved in an area where there is something that occurs such as this. reporter: robert capannari snapped this photo after the group landed in paris on saturday. he tweeted this message to family and friends this afternoon,quote i'
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brussels this morning, however, our abroad group is safe, away from the points of attack and trying to stay lighthearted. so here' s a pic of me dabbin at the louvre. peace, love and prayers for the people here in belgium. the itinerary shows the students were going to visit parliament, louvain school of management and procter and gamble this week. uc says the university is evaluating the situation, but as of now the students have no plans to return home early. >> the next step will be we will follow their progress to make sure that the situation is stable and if they can complete the journey, they will and if it is time for them to come home, that decision will be made by faculty members who were there and we' ll make sure that everything runs smoothly. reporter: one of the professors say that they are planning to go out for dinner tonight to try to get their mind off the attacks. in the meantime, they checked
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-- of brussels. to fly back to cincinnati on they planned saturday. jenell walton wlwt news 5. sheree: we also reached out to procter and gamble today to warp -- learn more about employees working in belgium. the company says they have 1100 employees working in brussels p&g' s global innovation centers is based there. p&g says quote, we are working to confirm the safety of all our people, and in the interim have asked that employees in brussels to work from home until more information is available from the local authorities. the bombings in brussels are halfway around the world the riff a -- the ripple affect its hitting airports like cvg. mike: the department of homeland security today saying the tsa is deploying more security to major airports across the nation. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is leading the way with the story.
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the tsa is not saying specifically which airports are getting the extra security but they are sitting -- saying that they are getting in touch with local and federal agencies. in brussels, the attack has highlighted some security concerns. even in the prescreening areas, like the ticket counter, they are saying that citizens about some do not need a visa to visit. they have reevaluated it would even though it is an ocean away, it has some travelers on edge as they work their way to their flight. >> the fact that it is half a world away, is somewhat comforting. but it also brings it ekholm when you travel. reporter: there are no specific similar credible threats in the
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sheree: vice president joe biden was in cincinnati this morning at the time of the attack. mike: plenty of extra security outside the west in as the vice president arrived for an event for former governor ted strickland who is running for eight u.s. senate spot. it was a invite only reception. this is a photo taken from inside the event. andrew setters spoke with a woman who saw the speech and said that biden did not address the attack. >> it is heartbreaking. reporter: i was curious to know if he talked about that? >> know he did not talk about that at all. -- and no he did not talk about that at all. sheree: we are going to hear from a local restaurant owner from belgium with friends and family still living in brussels. and the security changes he noticed during his last visit
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new information in the crash that sent a car over the edge and into the ohio river. boone county' s water rescue team says there' s another delay in recovering the car that went over the combs hehl bridge one week ago. the team says river conditions are still too dangerous for crews to recover the car or its occupants. saying it may be until thursday or friday that crews are able to start the recovery effort. today campbell county police said they' re treating the series of crashes on the bridge last tuesday as five separate collisions the final four were caused by vehicles that couldn' t stop in time after the first initial crash. sheree: a truck carrying roofing materials crashes this morning in highland heights. shutting down a section of eastbound i-275 for hours just south of us 27. it' s not clear what caused the crash. but it brought traffic on both sides of the interstate to a halt for 3 hours. everything is back open again
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mike: a mother accused of feeding tube was sentenced to 180 days in jail. october, jessica valik tampered s feeding tube at s hospital. she will get credit for time so she will be released from jail in a week. but she was ordered to stay away from her son and children' s hospital. her lawyer says it was benedryl that valik put into the feeding -- she was only trying to help him. >> the issue obviously here was that it was at the hospital while he was under their care with other medications and their concern of what can occur with that. but, no, she didn' t, she was never intending to hurt her child by doing it. she thought she was helping him. sheree: jessica valik traveled to cincinnati from new york to get her son treatment for a rare condition that causes her son' s skin to blister and fall off. the terror attacks thousands of miles away are hitting home for one well-known restaurant owner.
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everyone back home is safe. mike: how people in belgium are coping with today' s attacks. and the security changes that he saw during his last visit home. sheree: plus, taking aim at the s killing hundreds each year in our region. three counties in our region that are catching the attention of the cdc tonight. kevin: winds will eventually subside , over the past hour we mile-per-hour wind gust. we will be joined by chance for rain too. i will you know in my full forecast. you are watching there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. asheville. asheville.
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asheville. an unspoken invitation
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come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out. mike: we' re staying on top of that breaking news in brussels. where police raids are underway to find the terror suspect that' s believed to have escaped following today' s bombings at the brussels airport. sheree: two others involved in the airport attack are believed to be dead. more than 30 people were killed and 200 injured in a series of bombings at the airport and a -- and a third at the subway station near the headquarters of the european union. ohio governor john kasich called today' s bombings an attack on our very way of life. and the values that our political systems have been built on. john kasich: we just have to put all of our focus on this, because if we do not put all of
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kinds of matters, ultimately we' re going to see even more activity in the united states. sheree: and here at home, the belgium terrorist attacks struck a chord with a leader in the cincinnati restaurant scene. mike: wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack talked with a belgian native who was just in brussels a few weeks ago. reporter: as the world turns it' s attention to belgium at least one corner of cincinnati has a special connection. >> i talked to my family, everyone back home is safe. we live about an hour from brussels. reporter: the owner of taste of belgium, jean-francois flechet has a network of family and friends who are hurting back home in belgium. >> i talked to a few people, those i know seem to be fine, but they have not released the list of who got injured and who is deceased, so i don' t know really. reporter: after visiting brussels last month for 5 days jean-francois noticed a few changes to the city, in light of the recent paris attacks and
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>> there were more measures of security, the belgium military was present in brussels when i was there. that was the first time there was a military presence in the city, so that was a little strange. reporter: according to jean francois, brussels is country that embraces many cultures, and he hopes that continues there -- that continues. >> there are people from all over the place but really there is not much tension at the personal level. and i just hope that it remains that way. reporter: the casual and welcoming demeanor he describes in brussels, is what many customers love most about the restaurants he' s built around town. business today seemed to be normal, although it' s obviously on the minds of many. in norwood, jennifer schack wlwt news 5. mike: we' re staying on top of this breaking story in belgium all evening long on air and online. and when you' re not by your t.v. you can keep up with the new developments on and our mobile app. and right after our newscast here.
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1-hour edition of nightly news with live reports from brussels. sheree: three people are facing drug charges after a traffic the sheriff' s office says narcotics taskforce agents found 2 ounces of heroin and $5,000 in cash inside a car during a stop on dixie highway. deputies arrested was harold chapman, sean gray, and derrick johnson all now facing felony charges. the cdc is calling on state health officials in ohio to take additional measures to stop the growing number of overdose deaths tied to the powerful painkiller fentanyl. the agency says fentanyl accounts for two of every three overdose death in the state. the cdc is asking ohio to target its overdose prevention efforts in eight counties. among those, hamilton, clermont, and butler counties. fentanyl is often laced with heroin or disguised to look like less powerful drugs such as oxycodone. cincinnati' s certified most
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kevin: will eventually the winds will begin to subside. they have not so far. in the past hour we had a 38 mile-per-hour wind gust measured officially at the northern kentucky international airport. we have wind gusts over 30-35 miles per hour. over the next hour to do not be surprised to see those wins still pushing things around out there in the evening hours. as a matter fact, you can see the tower cam jostling a little bit. officially this evening, aside from the breeze it should be quite comfortable out. temperatures will slip down into the 50' s. underneath partly cloudy skies. it will be a slightly milder and more comfortable evening across the area. 63 in
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that seems to be the magic number, batesville, all around 64 degrees. around here. point of 26. you know that air is dry. once the sun goes down, tonight. night. high pressures a good across the southeast. you can see some high cloud cover spilling it. high pressure should provide us with one more decent day across the area. you will see more in the way of this filtered out cover throughout the day on wednesday. but the storm system, or not be close enough until thursday to bring us a decent chance of rain. here' s a look at futurecast. no problems overnight tonight. again, such an tomorrow, cloud cover will thicken up as he go out throughout the day. do not be surprised to see wind
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miles per hour stronger than that. our chance for rain will increase on thursday morning. we will see a round of showers come through. thursday evening we have keep a lookout for some stronger storms which should be to the southeast of cincinnati. it is that some of the year, the dynamics, the right amount of moisture in place. you can never rule out thursday afternoon and thursday evening with some stronger storms happening in cincinnati. then we see things cool down briefly for friday before we warm up over the weekend. 46 for an overnight lows and i. it is milder than last night. six he seven foreign afternoon high tomorrow. mild. here' s a look at your day planner, 40 by 8:00 a.m.. another breezy afternoon with the high of -- in the mid 60' s.
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there is your cooler weather on friday into saturday morning. after chili star on saturday highs climb to the 60' s. mid-sixties on easter sunday. i have moved the rain up some. i had it all in monday, but now it should hold off during the day for sunday you should be fine. the rain will not get in here until sunday night. then for some cooler weather as he had into the week. mike: you have a five-year-old right? sheree: he better visit our house. he has been good. i do not know about the second part. is mick cronin rolling the dice, and heading to vegas? mike: the latest on unlv, and potential job talks with uc' s
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george george: there' s a lot of speculation but one fact remains, mick cronin is still the head basketball coach at uc . welcome back everyone a report from a las vegas newspaper says the board of regents at unlv is considering a contract that would pay over 2 million a year. mick said last night he had not talked with any other schools we have a couple of sources on the recruiting trail who feel mick will be staying put. brandon bender deals with a lot of canadian players, including potential uc recruit marcus ottey, and bender says he is convinced mick will stay put, but that is about all we have to go on right now. meanwhile sean miller is not interest in the job at pitt. miller is the former xavier coach who is now the head man at arizona. sean played college ball at pitt and seemed like a natural fit one report out of pittsburgh said the panthers were making a
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that talk down immediately, the reds are trimming the roster down in arizona, and one of the cuts today is pitcher cody reed it is very likely we will see reed in cincinnati sometime this summer, but it makes sense for him to start the season in the minors and keep his free agency close from starting, the newly acquired alfredo simon started for the reds today we' ll see how he is doing in our spring training update, and this says simon was terrific he pitched three perfect innings and struck out 4 batters. zack cozart has a couple of hits and scored a couple of runs. the cubs and reds are tied at six. there will be a lot of eyes on jj hoover this spring he is the man that has the unenviable task of replacing aroldis chapman. hoover has been in the reds system since being acquired in a trade with atlanta and it didn' t take long for the reds to start training him for this closer role. >> i did not know what they had in mind, i was just fresh off of meeting moved from a starting
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i' m having with how things have been progressing. i close down in aaa. i' ve gotten a few shots at it in the big least. it is an awesome job in the pinnacle of relief. george: five strikeouts, not a bad spring at all. president obama is on hand in you but when the tampa bay rays are playing the cuban team. this is the first major exhibition team -- game in over 20 years. mike: i' m going to hand it over to our closer. kevin: looks like a nice night out there. it looks like it should be a nice scene with the rain. on thursday.
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test. sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl somewhere advertise pall breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode at the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed. hundreds injured, including americans. nails in the bombs and victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing. and the suspected bombers caught on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped. urgent raids yielding more shocking discoveries. tonight a chilling moment-by-moment account as an american


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